About Us

At Paint Protection, we offer a wide range of professional car detailing services to suit all vehicles and budgets. When it comes to car care, we thrive to ensure every vehicle that leaves our showroom looking its best. We are car enthusiasts with attention to detail, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

We go above and beyond by taking the time and care to ensure that your pride and joy receives the time and attention it needs.

Most “Detailers” will offer you a “Cut and Buff” service for the fraction of the price, however in reality, they’re causing more damage than what they’re promising. We believe that every job deserves 100% effort, regardless of how big or small. Paint Correction is one of the most difficult—and most satisfying—detailing skills to master. Paint correcting a vehicle could sometimes take 2-3 days to perfect.

Our showroom is equipped with everything we need to ensure the job is performed to a high standard.

If for any reason you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the links provided on here, our Facebook, Instagram or even dropping by the showroom and speak to us for any professional advice.